An Open Door

Jewish Rescue in the Philippines

Copyright 2011 Noel M. Izon

Noel M. Izon is an independant filmmaker whose production company, ICT, Inc., is based in the Washington, DC area. He was born in Manila in the first year of the Philippine independence after World War II and is now an American citizen. His father, Esmeraldo Izon, was a member of the Philippine guerillas and served at great personal risk as publisher of the underground resistance newspaper, The Liberator, during WWII.


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Since, the 1970's, Noel M. Izon has been involved in the Filipino American community of Greater Washington, DC. Due to his role as media producer, he was able to expose many community members to the importance of media and to have their children participate in the programs both as test audiences and as talent. Mr. Izon continues to mentor young filmmakers and encourages them to bring their voices to the conversation of what it means to be a citizen and to be a Filipino American.

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Sharon Delmendo is a Professor of English at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, where she specializes in American literature, American Studies, Asian-American/Philippine-American Studies, multicultural literature and Film Studies.  She did much of the research for her first book, The Star-Entangled Banner:  100 Years of America in the Philippines (Rutgers University Press 2004; University of the Philippines 2005,) during a year-long grant as Fulbright Professor of American Studies at De La Salle University, Manila.

The Star-Entangled Banner was a finalist for a National Book Award in the Philippines.  She was five years into her second book project a study of WWII films set in the Philippines made by Hollywood in collaboration with the US' Office of War Information entitled Pacific Theater:  Reel War in the Philippines 1939-1950, when Director Noel Izon asked her to partner with him on An Open Door: Jewish Rescue in the Philippines.

As a film composer, Charlie Barnett’s scores have appeared in more than four hundred television and theatrical films. His work in documentary film has won awards including the Cine Golden Eagle for his work on National Geographic’s Tibet’s Hidden Kingdom, a Peer Award for The Discovery Channel’s Raising the Mammoth and Emmy nominations for Holocaust: the Untold Story and Cosmic Journey (for A&E).

The Paper Clips score won the 2004 Rome International Film Festival’s Jerry Goldsmith Award. Paper Clips has also won the Christopher Award for 2006 and was nominated for an Emmy. Mr. Barnett has also written music for Saturday Night Live, The

Cosby Show, Third Rock from the Sun and Weeds. Recently his score for

the PBS series, The Appalachians, was released by Sony records. His

score for Dreamer, a documentary about C.S. Lewis, produced by Walt

Disney Productions was recently released as part of the The Lion, The

Witch and the Wardrobe boxed set. His 2008 feature films include:

Kickin’ It, War Child, Bedford: The Town They Left Behind, Keeping the

Lights On and My Father’s Will; all of which were released in 2009. His

television efforts for 2009 included the score for the PBS series,

Closer to Truth.

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