An Open Door

Jewish Rescue in the Philippines

Copyright 2011 Noel M. Izon

The Philippines and the Holocaust

An Open Door is a feature-length documentary on the uplifting story of how a small Asian nation was able to save over 1,300 Jews as they fled the pogroms of Nazi Germany. It is written, produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Noel M. Izon and co-produced by author Sharon Delmendo. This is the third film in his World War II trilogy Forgotten Stories.


This unique film will explore the rare confluence of the Pacific and European theaters. It juxtaposes momentous events in history such as the passage of the Nuremberg Laws and the inauguration of the Philippines as a Commonwealth of the United States.


An Open Door is the story of a deep friendship borne of common adversity and intense love for freedom. Together, Filipinos and Jews struggled, endured and ultimately prevailed.

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